Certified Appraisals

Expert appraisals of your machinery can be critical to making wise business plans and decisions.
At Raco, we know the machinery business, market trends and conditions. It is no wonder other
appraisers consistently ask our opinion of value. Why? Our two A.M.E.A. accredited appraisers
have over 50 years of combined experience buying and selling used metalworking machinery on a
day-to-day basis. We know retail, wholesale, and auction values. We attend auctions as well as buy and sell machinery daily in constantly-changing market conditions.

Our many years of experience in the business gives us the advantage of greater knowledge, and
provides you security that we, as professional appraisers, can offer the best, most accurate opinion of values on machines in today’s market. We are different! We know the values….Contact Raco for more information.


Auction Liquidation Services
Whether you have a few machines, a department, or a complete plant for sale, we offer the solution that will best suit your needs. Yes, we are different. We are not brokers who refer you to another dealer or auctioneer for a referral fee. We are a stocking dealer and an active participant to the whole process, whether it be buying your assets, conducting an orderly liquidation, or arranging an auction on your behalf.

Our expertise in the machinery business added to a close relationship with competent auctioneers will maximize your return on your idle assets. By combining our forces, we offer you the best package in the industry. Try us! Contact Raco